About us

Few know how to accurately describe the feelings they experience when they see their baby son or daughter's face for the first time. Love, joy, happiness, satisfaction, excitement ... so many emotions and all equally beautiful. However, if there is one feature that characterises them all, it's responsibility. That’s precisely the way we feel at Micolino towards all our customers.

Micolino is a children's clothing firm created by and for newborn infants. Experts in the sector thanks to years of experience with two other children's fashion brands: Marta y Paula and Yoedu. We were aware of the need to offer children's clothing and childcare stores with a more specialized line of products for babies.

Children's clothes designed specifically for newborn infants

Babies have a series of very important care needs that must be taken into account. For that reason, we only work with quality fabrics that are comfortable and breathable to protect the delicate skin of newborn infants.

In this pursuit of excellence, our work method is characterized by a balance between the artisanal pattern designs and a modern touch achieved through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

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We have our own workshop where we prepare tests and prototypes by hand. We also have a cutting room to ensure that finishes are always perfect to avoid any future discomfort.

The innocence and weakness of newborn babies mean that we have the obligation to take care of them the best way we know: by giving them a baby clothes designed solely and exclusively for their well-being.

A group of experts at the service of children's fashion

Do you want to know more about us? The team entrusted with designing children's clothing carries Micolino's philosophy of quality and guarantee in its DNA. They therefore take special care of every detail in each garment we make. This is our only work mantra: to improve our results day by day and collection by collection.

We always get inspiration for our designs from unimaginable sources. We keep abreast of the latest trends. We offer design and style in each of our items, with colours and fashionable prints that bring warmth and comfort to toddlers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our collections for your children's clothing store. We are the brand specializing in infant's clothing that you have spent so long searching for.